How To Order

Crowder Designs Traversing Rod | Single Track Profile

Here are two methods, and either one will work. Crowder Designs always adds at least 2 extra carriers per rod, shipped in a package with your hardware, labeled “extra.” If you need assistance with your order, just give us a call at 336.887.5666, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Once you place an order, we always recalculate your carrier count, and contact you if there is a difference.


Measure the total rod length in inches, then divide by 12 to get the total number of feet.

Multiply the total number of feet times 3.5 (which is the normal number of carriers per foot) to get the total number of carriers.


92 inches divided by 12 inches equals 7.67 feet.

7.67 feet times 3.5 carriers per foot equals 26.85 carriers.

If you end up with a fraction of carriers, roll up to an even number of carriers. So 26.85 carriers will be 28 carriers.



Multiply the total number of widths of fabric used times 7 carriers to calculate the number of carriers needed per width of fabric.


When using 6 total widths of fabric for the window, 6 widths times 7 equals 42 carriers needed.



Crowder Designs Traversing Rod | Fluted 3", Stack Left

QUANTITY   The total number of rods

FACIA STYLE   Specify smooth, fluted, rope twist, or reeded rope twist (limited supply), or 2″ bamboo

TRACK LENGTH   Measure the length of your window. The length of the track and wood facia will be the same, unless you require mitred ends

FINISH   Choose unpainted, painted, leaf, or custom finish

STACK   Right, left, or center draw

CORD   Right or left placement, and total drop or length of the cord from the rod to the floor

RETURN   The standard duty track bracket return is adjustable from 3 1/4″ to 4 1/2″, or a 6″ optional return is available. The heavy duty track bracket return is 3 1/2″ fixed, or an optional extended bracket of up to 6″

RINGS   Tell us the total number of rings (or the number of carriers if not using rings) which fit only standard duty track. Master carriers are included in your order, so do not count them in your total

BATON   Choose 38″, 48″, or 60“, and the finish. If you are using baton control, no cord specification is needed

FINIALS   Specify the finial style number and the finish

HARDWARE   All standard mounting hardware is included in the cost of traversing rods

MITRED RETURNS   Available on one or both ends, and additional charges will apply